Gamepad input Thumbstick Up/Down/Left/Right as analog?

From what i understand, there are 2 ways to get the input from a controller gamepad thumbstick, either via Gamepad [left/right] Thumbstick [X/Y] Axis or via the Gamepad [left/right] Thumbstick [Up/Down/Left/Right]. While using the x/y axis results in a nice and smooth continuous input (as expected) from the thumbstick, up/down/left/right only outputs 0/1, effectively acting as a 8-way directional pad. This happens when using the Project Settings > Input > Bindings under Axis Mappings, as i figured having them as action most definitely isn’t going to consider them anything but simple 0/1 inputs. Why I’m asking about this and if it can be done, is because i want to make an input menu that lets the user bind his look/movement on any thumbstick he wants, in whatever configuration, and having to essentially group up/down and left/right together is a bit unintuitive, not to mention it messes up with the other cases where the inputs may be indeed mapped to 4 individual buttons (wasd). The only way we figured how to handle this was to effectively keep track of every thumbstick’s up/down/left/right and associate it in a dictionary with their respective x/y axis. Is there any other more elegant solution?

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