Gamepad controlled Dynamic Inventory

I’ve got a inventory pickup working and showing on screen. At the moment I am trying to workout how to interact with all buttons but I can’t figure out how to increase array to distinguish between them. At this stage it just finds the last button.

As you can see it adds the buttons to the array in the inventory system.

Here you can see that I am able to interact with the last button but not the others.

This is my problem, I have to have a array but how do I add more to the array using the variable Inventory ItemId Int.

As you can see here, I can select a button from the Inventory ItemId and set text colour depending on which button is selected. it works as I have to move the thumbstick X amount depending on how many things are in the inventory. but because the array in the Inventory button widget blueprint only has 1 in the array I can only interact with the last item put into the inventory.

Is there a way to increase the text array. So I get the text variable and get the Inventory ItemId variable and add to array and set the Textarray variable so I can interact with all buttons in the textarray variable.

what exactly do you mean by increase the text array? doesnt Resize node do this?

Thanks for that help, I can resize the textarray. But still only able to interact with the last button in the array. So if the inventory array has 4 items I can move the gamepad stick down 3 times and the forth item in the array highlights but the other don’t.

Initial opening of the inventory. As you can see the only one highlighted is the first which is 0

At you can see the last item put in the inventory is able to be interacted with. but from 0 to second last in the array still can’t be interacted with.

This is the blueprint script that selects the button in the inventory array and sets colour depending on where it is in the array. I know this works as I use it in the menu system.

im very bad understanding others bp so this is what i would do. make an array of widgets in my Inventory widget. inside the widget an inventoryID. whenever a widget is created, add to the container widget and to the array. you can have the reference of the container by storing it the first time on lets say… Hud class (then access from player controller). work with it by highlighting it from the container widget.

Jblaswu, thanks for your help. I think what I may need to do is change the inventory from a text reference to a button reference. I’m going to close this answer for now.