Gamepad Axis Character Movement

Hi Guys, new to character animation in UE4. Struggling with an issue. Is there a way to set the scale value of y/x axis for character movement if controlling via gamepad, so the same as WSAD action key mappings. So even if a little bit of the gamepad axis is pressed, set the scale value to 1.

How would you approach this? I have had a look at quite a few examples but none deal with the issue for gamepad.

So if I have a character walking, rather than filling in animation blend space with slow animations or trying to resolve it otherwise when moving slowly, can the scale value be set to 1 when pressed and how? Any pitfalls or suggestions to approach it differently?

On the Axis Input event, check to see if greater than .1 or something. If it is, then clamp it to 1. (and handle negative values in a similar manner)

Hey, I managed to get the positive axis working, how do I tackle the negative values, as the scale value only works on the moveforward event?

I managed to fix it using another condition, is working fine now for both Forward and Right and positive, negative values, Thanks.

A question though, is above an efficient way to tackle this, or is there a better way?

Seems insanely convoluted for what you’re trying to do

Doing this sort of thing will give you stepped 45 degree rotation too though which is pretty wonky

Super, above works great. I did look into using ABS but didn’t know how to integrate it, still new to things on this side of UE4.