Gamepad and Mouse Input /Navigation

I swapped from another engine to Unreal a few months back and so far I am absolutely loving Unreal. You guys have done an excellent job with this engine. But there is one thing I have noticed that this engine desperately needs.
Using the current system in the engine, when the gamepad is being used you need to set a Focus and move between buttons. This system is ok. But can cause issues when swapping from game mode to UI mode etc. Especially for widgets that exist all the time but only need focus some of the time. It also is problematic when trying to set things like if focus is lost and reverting back to a default button. Changing from Visible, Hidden, Hit test etc doesn’t always exclude the way you want. Widgets like inventory slots are also problematic because setting one as a default causes interruptions when you have 20 slots trying to set focus.

This Engine desperately needs 2 very simple nodes.

The first one is a simple node that doesn’t use a game mode. That if set to active has just a couple of lines of code saying mouse input is = to received gamepad input.

The second one is another very simple node. That says get the user focus and return the actor / widget as an actor / widget.

I am aware of the plugin by rama. This is problematic as it doesn’t support 64 bit shipping mac or Linux.
Trying to create the mouse input override node is also very simple but problematic because the engine’s in built features try to override it.

The first node is the feature I am requesting it would be amazing to have the ability to use a simple set mouse position or input based of the gamepad.

2c: This is a high-profile request that’s so long overdue it may never happen.
Game developers often goad / tease Epic-staff about it in LiveStreams etc. :stuck_out_tongue:
You may be better off building your own Gamepad-Input UI-System anyway.
In short, drop focus / hit-tests and build a navigation system that you control…

Its not all that hard. You just need a simple way to shut off all gameplay input.
Then redirect control to a system that highlights your game’s UI / Menu items.
One advantage too is that you can fly-ships/drive-cars while doing menu ops.

Tip: Check-out the Widget-Interaction-Component ‘wic’ as well if you haven’t.
It offers some really neat options / possibilities to get around focus / hit-tests.
The trick is layering widgets on top of other widgets, and then testing for hits.