GameModes Question

I’m not sure when to put logic in to one of the gamemodes?
I’m looking at how Epic did the example game projects and sometimes they put
control logic in the Pawn/Character Class BP, GameMode BP or PlayerController BP. I don’t understand when
I should put something like the control logic in one of those Classes? Also if I use a UMG for UI, should I put the
logic to create the UMG Widget in the HUD Class? Why or Why not? I hope I don’t sound crazy. I just want to know
should I spread out my logic or put it in one place?

I think you should decide depending on your project. I personally like to split things up like that:
Character class: everything that the player is able to control
GameMode class: enums with gamemodes and stuff to handle changes in those
HUD class: everything responsible for printing stuff on screen
I don’t like the way Epic does split all that up but in the end you schuld decide on what’s more comfortable to do and to use :wink: