GameMode Changing Size of Actor Replication Issues

So I am trying to use the GameMode to change the size of a component in an actor. I get and see the behavior I want on the server side, but the client will see the default size.

I want to add that the game mode code is being called by tick, and that Ive tried replicating the events with all the different methods.

gm code

obj code

So the whole issue with this is because you are trying to do it from the Gamemode, which is server only, that’s why the client(s) won’t see any change. If you just do it from the actor blueprint, which should be set to replicate, it should work.

I just did this:


However if you want to use the gamemode, I would suggest you to understand a little of how networking works in Unreal. I’d recommend:

If I were you, I would simply experiment with Gamemode + Player Controller/Character for a solution to this. Few tips:

  1. From the Gamemode, you can grab all connected player controllers and save it into an array.

  2. You can use this array to call events on every player controller:

  3. Since every player has their unique controllers, I’d suggest you to utilize the player controller. If you are going to call an event in the gamemode from the player controller, you must run that event as Server.

  4. Finally, best way to learn these stuff is by experimenting, of course after gaining some basic knowledge. Try the special workflow of Event Server → Event Multicast. It will help you gain some insight on how networking works.

Best of luck.

Im not editing a player, I would do that through a player controller. Its for a usable arena system(The storm) that shrinks based off time.

And the game mode keeps time, so I was hoping to just contain it

I guess I could have the area actor pull the time from the GameMode. That would work Im sure(it works for the rotation on my canons)

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heres what i did to fix it. works perfectly now