Gamemode 'breaks' my Virtual Production Setup. Does that matter?


I am new to UE and Virtual Production. I am setting up the Vive Mars for Virtual Production at a studio and I have been able to succesfully connect the Rover using a LiveLink component and my camera actor. And when I move my physical camera with a rover attached the coordinates of my UE camera actor update. I tilt the camera right, the UE camera tilts right.

But, when I enter gamemode, pressing the green play button, this functionality disappears. I can’t seem to troubleshoot why entering gamemode removes the connection of my camera movement to the ue camera. I still see the coordinates moving, strangely enough, and the second I exit gamemode the UE camera moves as expected.

My question, does this matter?

For Virtual Production do I need to enter Gamemode or do I just record from the default state of UE.

I can’t tell if this is an issue to continue to troubleshoot or if it is expected behavior and not part of Virtual Production best practices.

It depends on if you need any logic to run. I’d imagine at some point you might want that. For basic Take Recording or VCam you don’t need it. But if you want to start to get into ICVFX you’ll need it.