GameMode Blueprint Abnormal Behavior

The GameMode blueprint of a Level works fine when running on PIE, but when run on stand alone with Advanced Sessions enabled, none of the events in the GameMode blueprint works, including Event Tick, Event BeginPlay and Event OnPostLogin.

Interestingly, When I PrintString of GetGameMode from PlayerController it returns the correct GameMode, and casting to it doesn’t Fail. I’ve tried calling a CustomEvent that executes a simple PrintString in GameMode from PlayerController and nothing.

What kind of witchcraft is this?

Please shoot me down in flames ( gently ) if this is wrong but… ]

I don’t think you’re supposed to code in the gamemode. It’s only there to interface the other BPs ( Character, HUD, PlayerController, Spectator, and Game State ).

It’s a bit like the save game. Yes, there is a place to drop code in, but when on earth does it get called?

What is the purpose of the code you put in the GM?

Well since it’s a multiplayer game, the GM only exists in the server, and clients communicate with it through their PlayerController.

Ok, sorry, know nothing about multi… :wink:

Found the issue. I had Event OnLogout Exiting Controller pin (Controller Object Reference) attached to a Remove from an Array of **Player Controller Object Reference **type. Unreal engine lets you attached them but after restarting UnrealEngine it tells you that they are not compatible and can not compile.