GameMaker Studio Master Collection for 15$ with Humble Bundle

Hey I just saw in the latest Humble Bundle they have GameMaker with the source code from various games.

The 15$ tier comes with all the exporting modules aka GameMaker Master Collection.

It seems a pretty good deal. Gamemaker is a fine engine if you are going to do purely 2d pixel art style games. Runs great on HTML and mobile phones.

Thanks for the hint!

I did get it and it looks like i will do my 2d mobile game in GM instead of Unreal.
I’ll give it a try anyway:)

Lol that was a odd experience. Nothing for me at this time.
You cant even scale the gravity on a single physics object, you have to alter the physics in the whole level :confused:
Maybe if you give it some time its good I only tried it for four days.

I tried GameMaker. I came as far as coding a camera to move with the player :stuck_out_tongue: (And Im not a programmer)