GameLevel Black Screen Andorid

When packaging the game to android the GameLevel for some reason is black, MainMenuLevel works fine. In editor all works as intended.

I tried to rotate the camera, camera in actorBP/LevelBP, to rotate the camera with inputs, false mobile HDR and on/off light mass importance volume, on/off post processing volume, camera perspective/orth, Sprites below 1024px(MainMenu works with this sprites), unlit, creating new Level and adding the character actor.

Nothing worked, Anyone else had a similar problem? or any knows a way I can debug this?

I might found the answer, for some reason when gamemode spawns the ship it doesn’t work, but when I drag my ship to the scene and run it on android it works.

So it looks like temporary actors don’t work in android for some reason.

No idea why it didn’t spawn the actor from gamemode in android. So I just added the character to Scene in my case.