GameJolt Game API Plugin for UE4


So I heard there is a game jam coming up in gamejolt called "Indies VS Gamers"Link , It requires your game to have a Gamejolt scoreboard feature in it, and UE4 does not have a plugin. So I went out of my way to make that said plugin and give it to ya’ll.

Gamejolt Plugin for UE4 : Link

This is my very first plugin. This plugin uses HTTP and JSON. I Referance Stefander plugin JSON Query to create and learn how to make plugin.

You are able to use it in blueprint and/or C++. As for right now you can add score, Get scoreboard and Scoreboard table, Authorize (Log-in) users, Reward Trophies, Fetch, and Get Trophies.

I’m planning on implementing a way to get image from URL and into the game on runtime.

[FONT=Arial Black]How to Install the GameJolt Plugin.
Before Installation:

  • Make sure you have a GameJolt Account. If you don’t have one go to and create your own account.
  • You can create your own Game page to test the plugin. It does not have to publish the game to test.
  1. Step 1. Create your UE4 game project or use your own . You can use either use a blueprint or C++ project to create.
  2. Step 2. Once your project is build close your project and open up your Project folder. You can do so by going to Epic Game Launcher then library and then under ‘My Project’ search for your project, right click your project and click on “Show in Folder”.
  3. Step 3. Create a new folder in your Project game and Name is “Plugins”.
  4. Step 4. Unzip “GameJoltPlugin.rar” and save it into the Plugins folder you have just created. The Unreal Engine is smart enough to know that there is a Plugins folder and that you have a plugin in it. So once you open back to your project the GameJoltPlugin should be ready to use.
  5. Step 5. To Test that the Plugin is Enable and in uses open your project back up if you haven’t done so and then under Windows click “Plugins”. Under Project there should be a tag name Scoreboard. When you click on it there should be a plugin name “Game Jolt Plugin” and Enable should be check.

If you Have any questions please don’t be afraid to leave a comment on the thread.

Thank you!

*There is no documentation for it as of right now.

(This Post will be holded for Documentation of Plugin)

I would love to use this plugin! Do you plan to update this for new Unreal version? (like 4.10).

Well I wasn’t planning on updating it Due to working on 3D Model and other stuff. I might get right back on this if I can. The plugin should still work, but it is missing some feature.

What features are missing? If open-source, others can assist with adding missing features and documentation.

It should be open sourced. It has some components such as User, Trophies, and Scores. But It missing Session and Data Store. Ya’ll are welcome to finish what I’ve started. Although I haven’t work on the plug-in it should work with the latest Engine.

The Gamejolt API Documetation is like right here. Game Jolt - Share your creations

That’s good News. Currently reviewing the GameJolt API. Session and Datastore posses the similar instructions as the other services. From my perspective much of the Gamjolt API documentation is transferable verbatim, its just a matter of matching up the contexts. I’m even considering expanding the Session Services to support Game Server MatchMaking, which would add greater value to Devs interested in Networking over the Internet.