[GameJam] Warp - Arcade asteroid-like flying game

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A game made for the Indies vs PewdiePie GameJam.
Gameplay video on Youtube

It’s an Arcade asteroids-flying beat-the-timer game. Great unique style. Gameplay still buggy, but hé that’s what GameJams are for. Hope you enjoy.

This game was made in a mere three days by these three awesome people:

  • Verhey (Technical Artist) @martinverhey
  • Dominique Vermaas (2D Artist)
  • Niek Jurjens (Music & Sound) @niekjurjens

The executable can be found here:

Extra info:
TostiGames is a small game company based in the Netherlands. You can watch us make this game (and future games) here:

Shall we continue to make this concept a full product? bug free, more modes, more challenges and maybe multiplayer?

Let us know what you think.

what platform it is? The image looks like a mobile game, I think a arcade asteroid flying game will be a cool game for mobile…

The game is currently for Windows. But if we can figure out proper controls for mobile, we might make a mobile game out of it.

Very cool , thank you

Looks like a cool concept. Personally, I would drop the delay between pickup and spawn of the dots, but that is a minor detail :slight_smile:
Would probably buy this. Love puzzle-games like this…

Nice concept. Always loved “Asteroids” and this gives it a good reboot with a twist. Maybe add some obstacles like mines or asteroids as you progress?