GameJam Ukraine

Good day to all!
I would like to express their own opinion about the last GameJam, which smacks of theft sponsorship prizes and more.

Winners H.U.G.S, Zikoko team, Tram love and Reticule.
If we go into the subject of projects, we can see there is a total of 9 posts. So 9 participants. BUT!
What we have.

  1. Copter and Sky - Project about our copter. It is for 2.5 days on GameJam from EpicGames.

  2. UnderConstruction - I did not see this project as I realized he was not brought to the end, but the screenshots and video can be seen that the work is done.

  3. H.U.G.S. - This project took the prize! For that I’m sorry? For the finished project start? What’s been done? No lighting, no materials, no interface, no GameOver. And stupid artificial intelligence bears. I do not want to offend. But this is clearly not a candidate for the winners.

  4. Zikoko team - winner worthy as I think!

  5. Do not posted job.

  6. Do not posted job.

  7. Tram love and Reticule. - A worthy winner! Well done.

  8. myMay - An interesting project, why did not he won, but H.U.G.S ???.

  9. myMay - see above.
    And that we have working projects only 5! And the winners are leaving us with the publicity that we did it before, but there is a correspondence in the mail, which I pointed out to the organizers, that here we did a project for GameJam and wish that he participated in and your GameJam. At that we got a positive response.
    But it is not in us, even though we tried, let us exclude all. I do not understand how? AS? Won H.U.G.S.? For what? Where at least some comments. What’s interesting? Bears without animation? One maze? No logic is not written, no interface, no light, no work with the materials. NOTHING! During the week…

Video H.U.G.S.

sorry for my English.
Thank you.