GameJam Assets - What kind of particles would you like to see?

Just gauging interest for now, but I do hope to make it a real thing.
I think it would be really awesome to make a small (free) particle pack with some basic effects anybody could need during their gamejams.
Simple explosion, some sparks, a fire, that kind of thing.

But besides those, what is the kind of effect you think would be quite valuable to have, even if its just a base you can work upon.
Let me know, and once I have time to create said package, I will do my best to add them.
Additionally, if any other vfx artist wants to contribute, be my guest :slight_smile:
(In the meantime I am also asking other content creators if they want to contribute as well)

I do think they should look as generic as possible, so they can be used for a dozen of different styles.

Base things I think would be nice:

  • Some spark setups.
  • Fire, torch, fireball, fire pit.
  • Simple rain.
  • Simple snow.
  • smoke.
  • explosion.

Gimme some delicious explosions

I also would like to have some kind of schockwave effect, something small like when some super hero lands on the ground.

She rules! awesome anime is awesome. or well… funny anime is funny.

An impact effect would be nice, e.g. when a physics object hits something.

Maybe this could also be easily modified for different types of surfaces (when a wooden surface is hit, then wood-particles appear; for a stone surface it would be a stone-particle).

  1. Trans-dimensional Jump (Mothership)…

  2. Mothership Explosion…

Arcing electricity would be sweet. Thinking along the lines of downed power lines, electrical transformer shorts, summoning a portal to another dimension, etc.