Gamedev. team looking for new talents


We are a small team located in Sweden, with one goal, to create a Games Company! Consisting of 4 team members with various talents, we’re still in need of more talented people to fill our ranks and become a complete productive team. At the moment we are working on a small project, with the purpose to create a team portfolio. It’s a sci-fi top down shooter, and we’ll be wrapping up at the end of this year. After this project is done, the goal is to start on the first complete (smaller) game and ramp up from there.

We are looking for:

Programmers, 3d artists, 2d artists, Animators

And if you don’t house the skill up above, write anyway and see if you would fit :slight_smile:

If you are someone who enjoy working as part of a dedicated team, and you’re someone who doesn’t hesitate taking on challenging tasks in order hone your craft. Join us!

This is perfect for people that want to broaden their portfolio in different aspects. People that want to take on hard tasks with like minded project members and create a games company. Student that want to be a part of something that’s (hopefully) on the upraise. Or if you want a space where you can learn/develop different skills that you would not have the freedom to do.

If you share our passion for games, join us by contacting:

Still looking for people!

Would there be a position available for a consultant/ helper? If there is could you reply to this or email me at

I can be a programmer. I am new to Unreal Engine so I’m just learning the basics when it comes to client-side scripting, although I’ve been studying networking and communications within a asynchronous environment for quite some time and I’m pretty ****ing radical when it comes to handling connections to a server in a concurrent manner.

I was going to write a multiplayer server in Java or C++, or maybe even C#. I’m still deciding…

Yet, if your idea is good, and your team does a significant job at designing levels etc, then I can be apart of it.
Shout me a PM if interested or add me on skype @ m0de.null