GameDev Market - New Asset Marketplace

We are launching a new game asset marketplace aimed at creating a platform that connects developers with asset creators in order to create amazing new games, any feedback you could give would be great -

You can see a selection of the assets which have been uploaded so far below


I just registered, but I can’t see any assets. Is that because you’re still in the preparation phase, or am I doing something wrong?

What kind of assets are supported? And will there be some form of quality control and/or rating system?


Thanks for signing up!

Yes, at the moment as we are still in prelaunch and getting everything ready for the full launch, the assets cannot be browsed. However, once we launch on 30th May, assets will be visible without the need for people to sign up. Sellers can upload 2D, 3D, GUI and Audio assets and everything that is uploaded is manually reviewed by us.

Let me know if you have any other questions…

made an account on the gamedevmarked! :smiley: the website looks great…btw, are the forums online? :smiley: keep up the great work.

Its nice to see an Assets Store coming for UE4 like what Unity has!

I think this is sort of a general store for all developers. Epic is supposed to be adding this functionality to their own Marketplace sometime soon.

Hi Zack

Thanks for signing up, glad you like the look of the site!

The community aspects of the site will be coming once we have fully launched on 30th May, so keep your eyes peeled for all the new features!

Yes, just to confirm, GameDev Market will not be aimed at any particular platform, we are looking to build an all inclusive community so people can find assets no matter what they are working on.

Looks good. Conglomerated sources of art assets are great!

Design and navigation very comfortable, gamification is not obtrusive - really good work!
Signed up, good luck with project!

I made an account. I hope the site works out well.

Thanks for the feedback guys, glad you’re liking the site.

Let us know if you have any questions at all

So your market place will be in competition with Epics?

So glad to see that you will be up and running soon. We need sites like this. Not trying to badmouth sites like Turbosquid or anything. Turbosquid is pretty awesome

I don’t think so. Maybe a little bit. It looks like this thing will mostly have general, engine independent stuff, like textures, sprites, models. I think Epic’s marketplace will benefit more from engine specific things, like plugins, scripts, blueprints and other assets. I hope Epic’s market turns out to be nice. Imagine being able to test-play a fully textured and scripted BP right on the market in a HTML5 mini game. That would be cool.


As Bajee has mentioned above, we see GameDev Market as a more general marketplace, catering for people across all game engines. We are focusing on creating a community for indie game devs to get involved in and will be looking for constant feedback to make sure the GDM marketplace and community is meeting the needs of the people using it.

When will the site be up?
It has said we launch today for the last 24 hours.

Yah looking forward to when they get it up n runnin myself :slight_smile:

Just got a mail. Congrats on the launch and good luck!

One first feedback: Consider replacing “$0” with “Free” or similar.

EDIT: Also, the slideshow timer in the Features section should maybe be reset when you click on of the little dots. Looks very nice otherwise!

The website isn’t loading properly for me, it may be taking heavy traffic?