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Hi my fellow game developers! My name is Alan and I’m a young 3d Design Student who love to make games! And I’ve just started a GameDev blog where you can see what I’m doing and stuffs.
I want to get to know other Developers and if you got a GameDev Blog please let me know :smiley:

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Anyway here is my first Weekly Update on my game “Abduction”

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

Evening! Sorry for the late weekly update video. I’ve been busy lately. But now the second weekly update is here!!
In this video I’ll show you the Environment assets that I’ve made last week. This is my first time making nature assets. But it looks okay i think.
Anyway this week i will be working on the “Enemy Drone”. I dont think I’ve got time to program the AI system but the model will be Done!

Youtube: Abduction Weekly Update #2 - YouTube

Done with the Enemy Drone :smiley: Next step is to make the AI in UE4 :smiley:

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Weekly Update : Abduction Weekly Update #3 - YouTube

Weekly Update. i’ve Imported the Enemy drone In to Unreal and it looks okay i think. I Also made the terrain for the first level Called “Wake Up” And now i need to texture it and add some foliage.

Weekly Update 4:

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Weekly Update:

Now I’m done with the first map, I didn’t get the look i wanted but this will work for now :slight_smile:

Hmm, i wonder what that can be? still experimenting with the glow effects. The real challenge is to get the AI working.

still experimenting with the glow effects

Yeeh, I got the SpaceShip AI to work! wohhooo!!! Haha It’s very simple. Now It’s finally time for some Modeling. So nice to be away from blueprints X)

Well, Now I’m done with the modeling part of the FighterShip you are going to fly in the second Mission. Now it’s time to UV Map this thing…

I’m done Uv maping the FighterShip, But I’ll wait with texturing because i have other thing to do first.

Here is the blockout for the inside of the big SpaceShip. Tomorrow I’ll start detailing :slight_smile: