GameDefaultMap and ServerDefaultMap not loaded after start up

I have got problem with GameDefaultMap and ServerDefaultMap.

I set up this parameters according with my spaces. But when I run project with parameters: “-game -log -nosteam” for client and “-server -log -nosteam” for server. No one map loaded, I saw black screen.

Also I placed Actor on level with print in the BeginPlay, and I again saw nothing!

For undestand what I do wrong, I start to study ShooterDemo and I found that GameDefaultMap and ServerDefaultMap is set up but don’t used. Instead of it in the ShooterDemo load maps performed manually in compliance with state.

I can use same way that in the ShooterDemo, but I’m in interesting, why I have got black screen instead of my level? It’s bug or my mistake?

Thanks for any help!

Client’s log is attached

Hey Yogi-

There have been other reports of a black screen when starting a game that have been related to software conflicts. Can you check the following page to see if you have any programs running that could be conflicting with the editor?

If you are still getting the black screen, please provide steps so that I can try to reproduce the issue on my end.