Gamecenter Leaderboards and Achievements

I currently have a game live on iOS and Android Called Squeezy Cube.
On Android all leaderboards and Achievements are working but I have run into some problems with the Gamecenter Achievements and Leaderboards.

No Achievements progress gets made and they do not unlock and the Leaderboards never get any scores posted to them.

I have followed a number of suggestions and guides from around the forums and the documentation, but I am unsure of where I am going wrong.

The game logs into Gamecenter

This is the login method in Blueprint being called when the main menu opens.

The leaderboards and the achievements are live on connect.

The achievements are being cached from the InitAchievmentsScore node above after logging in.

This is how I am calling the achievements in Blueprint .

This is how I am calling the leaderboard writing in Blueprint

One thing I did notice is that the once the game went live. in the Ready for Sale page in Connect, there is a different Achievement ID from the Gamecenter Setup page. But the Leaderboard ID’s are the same. Does anyone know which ID here is the correct one to use?


App Store> 1.0 Ready for Sale>Gamecenter>Achievements

I am wondering if anyone can see anything I am doing wrong here?

The current live Build did have some other issues with the leaderboards and Achievements that I have sorted out (wrong Name in the Achievement Setup in the project settings)
But the correct leaderboards would show regardless of this.
This now fixed on a Testflight build, but the Scores and Achievements still do not get posted or updated. Will they not get posted until the build is Ready for Sale?
All of this setup works correctly on Android.

If anyone has encountered the same problems and have resolved them, any direction would be very much appreciated!

I am using 4.19.2

Any luck so far? I had issues with gamecenter leaderboards not writing, but I merged them into a group on appstore connect and they seem to be working now. I wonder if trying that for your achievements may work?

No luck Patrick unfortunately, I have merged the leaderboards into a group as well. And added the grp. At the beginning of the leaderboard name in the project settings and to the stat name on the read/write leaderboard nodes but this still does not post any scores to game center after pushing an update live.
Did you add the grp. to the beginning to get them to work?
Are you able to share your blueprint setup of reading and writing your leaderboards?
Do you also have achievments working?

I’m wondering if your app ID shoes up correctly in the leaderboard group? Mine is blank. Not sure what is going wrong here.