Gamebuildr - Compile Games in the Cloud


We would like to introduce a Gamebuildr (, a tool to help game developers with the building pipeline – mainly compiling and distributing builds. Essentially the idea came about when, working on a game, we needed a cloud building tool to save time (as you know it’s a headache to do builds as it ties up a machine and distributing is even worse!) but we couldn’t find a solution that worked out of the box for use. So together we built a continuous integration solution to help us out. And, after a lot of discussion we decided to release it to our fellow game devs :slight_smile:

How Gamebuildr works is fairly simple - you add your repo URL (git, svn, perforce, etc), specify your build platforms, and Gamebuildr will pull down your code and watch it for changes. If you do make changes it will automatically update and distribute new builds to your projects collaborators.

At this early stage the application is free. We do have a pricing tiers but we’re looking to tailor this application for game developers so we’re looking for feedback on pricing (what you value most), source control systems (git, SVN, etc), other game engines you use, standard project size (we have limitations in the pricing, but its not enforced as of yet), what platforms you want to build for, etc.

Check it out at at – beta sign up is a first-come first-serve basis and we’ll let you know when you’re off the wait list on onto the platform!

This sounds similar to the CruiseControl with CCtray system I use for .NET applications. Although your system looks more modern. It’s a great idea to bring something like this to the game dev platforms. Good job :slight_smile:

That’s cool! Haven’t heard of CruiseControl before. Thanks for the vote of confidence! We’re excited to be able to slap something like this together for game developers (me included)!

***** Update November 23rd 2016 ***** Gamebuildr v0.0.1


Gamebuildr is still in closed beta and we’re fast approaching a release. Current users can currently take advantage of our ‘Buildr’ service which supports:

  • Unity 5.1 Engine

  • PC / Mac / Linux Platform

  • Git Versioning System

  • Automatic rebuild on repo push

  • Build log information on failed builds

  • Email notifications

  • Build download on successful builds

The Roadmap for December is:

  • Multi-Unity version support

  • Unreal Engine basic support

  • Front-end gui updates

  • Build Statistics for more information on your game

From your roadmap, it appears that this does not work for Unreal projects, but it is for Unity. Is that correct?


For the current version (0.0.1) we do only have Unity 5.1 up and running. Our big goal the past couple of months has been platform stability and getting some of the newer services up and running.

However, we’re rapidly adding in new features and Unreal is at the top of this list. Odds are if you sign up and get onto the platform we’ll have Unreal support in - in other words we’re weeks away rather than months.

We also plan on supporting a host of other engines as well as a host of other features to make game dev tooling robust and accessible .


It looks good, if it works well with UE5 we’ll get the Indie tier. I requested access with


We’ll keep you up to date when we get Unreal features in! Thanks for your support!