Game Writer wanted!

[CONTRACT / PAID] Game Writer


  • Work with with Game Programmer to create a narrative based on existing and in-development game mechanics that will be essential to the game.
  • Generate outlines, story treatments, class descriptions and world bible within an instance of Atlassian Confluence.
  • Create consistent characters, strong motivations, dramatic arcs, and meaningful story content during the development process.
  • Write interactive scripts to accomplish all of the above while supporting gameplay needs.

Essential Skills

  • Ability to craft compelling, immersive and interactive stories in multiple genres.
  • Knowledge of dramatic structure and ability to write cinematically.
  • Understanding of how to use narrative events, game design, art, animation, audio and other tools to grow and impact characters in ways that encourage player investment.
  • Enthusiastic about creating distant-future set stories.

Essential Experience

  • Knowledge of games and interactivity from storytelling, character development, and user engagement perspectives.
  • You must not only play video games, but understand them as a dramatic form.

Writing Samples

  • Please submit at least one polished sample demonstrating mastery of world building, narrative structure and dialog writing. Samples should be full-length, not excerpts.
  • Please submit samples as PDF files with no password.

Very Useful Extras

  • Experience with Atlassian Confluence

Useful Extras:

  • Experience as a writer / narrative designer for games, either independently or professionally.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine

This is a paid / contract offer. No rev-share. Please include your rates if applicable. Please submit applications via e-mail to kia (at)


Duration of contract?

Is there a defined scope of work or level of production?

I assume you expect a transfer of copyright?

Is there an NDA?

Game genre?

I may have interest. I’m a published Sci-fi author of three novels (soon to be four). Please contact me privately and provide details of your initial concept. Confidentiality is assured.

Hope I land it. I’ve just emailed you !