Game works perfectly in Editor ONLY - When Packaged, does not work :/


I have a specific blueprint which is not working when being packaged and works perfectly in the Editor. Other blueprints work fine.

Why does this even happen?

  • How can i check what is wrong if everything works in Editor?

  • What could possibly be the issue, since everything is working fine in editor?

  • P.S - I get 0 errors when packaging.

Any form of help would be highly appreciated.

you could go into the packaging settings and there’s options for whether you package it for a client or for development. if you package it as the later you will still see print string messages. so you could troubleshoot by add print strings to the blueprints begin play and any other relevant points.

is it just an actor bp? i’ve had issues in the past with game instance bp that is specific to that type of blueprint.