Game won't Package (Shipping) [Not Source]

Hey all, I’m using the .exe Unreal Engine 4 version (Not from Source but the normal Binary version), and my Packaging is constantly failing:

Link to Error Log:

Any help on this would be much appreciated!

  • Ryan S

I’m having similar issue, here is my log file: log

Bumping for Help! :>

Bump, my game is being sent off at the end of the month so I’m starting to pull my hair out a little!

Are you using Perforce?

Not using Perforce or anything but Unreal Engine (With VS Installed). It’s worked fine plenty of times before.

How are you packing it? Are you packing it in development or shipping mode?

Both. And Both are failing :<

Hi Ryan,

for your issue it looks like you have a corrupt file:

C:/Users/Ryan/Documents/Unreal Projects/SuperDH/Saved/Sandboxes/Cooked-WindowsNoEditor/SuperDH/Content/CreatedAssets/Blueprints/MainMenu/MainMenuController.uasset

The engine could not load this file correctly,
“MainMenuController.uasset’ contains unrecognizable data, check that it is of the expected type.”
“MainMenuController supposed to be fully loaded but isn’t. RF_WasLoaded is not set”


Hey Fervensmiber, it looks like your level script has an array iterator which exceeds the bounds of an array.
“Array index out of bounds: 69 from an array of size 69”

Thanks for the answer, now I’m receiving different error. Log attached.