Game wont Launch, Errors out

I can’t seem to launch my game as it keeps crashing and I get an error message I’m unfamiliar with. Something about an array that is out of bounds? I’m using blueprints and not any coding as I’m not versed in C++.

I can run in the editor just fine but when I test using the Launch function I keep getting this error log.

Any help would be nice.

Don’t you receive any error warnings when you run in the editor?

Out of bounds means that you try to access an index that is outside of array bounds, eg. there are 3 items in an array and you try to Get [3] it will be out of bounds as the length is 3 but the last index is 2 (starting with 0).

This might be no problem in editor (you should get a warning) but I imagine it might as well be fatal later on. When did this start happening? Did you work with arrays then?

EDIT: Although it seems this is happening at build time, so maybe it’s not even directly connected to your code / BP. Do you use any plugins that might cause build problems?

So I later found out this is related to the destructible mesh plugin (Apex Destruction) built into UE4. When I have The Blueprints in ANY level it gives me these errors but when I take ALL of them out of EVERY Level I get this error. I’m assuming that it has to do with how many pieces it breaks into although I have the mesh count really low (13) larger pieces for a wooden box.