[GAME] Withstand: Survival (Open World FPS)

Hello. I wanted to share the project I am working on together in collaboration with players and streamers. We mainly discuss it on Twitter, Discord and Steam.
I myself like to play single player games, my favorites are Subnautica, Bioshock, Fallout and Farcry series, so I decided to make my own game.
Unreal Engine really helped me to that, It is very powerful engine with awesome Open World toolset.

Withstand: Survival is a game about journalist, who arrived to the island. It has story quests, survival mechanics, crafting, building, driving and a lot more.
One of the main features about this game is customizing your vehicle and adding trailers to it.

I also post DevLogs to Steam HUB, Just yesterday I posted new post about Melee Weapons. Hope you like it, would be nice to get suggestions.