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This thread is going to be a development blog for the game I am making while I am learning how the engine works, I only started working actively with the engine about a week ago and since then I have pretty much nonstop been learning how it works, the help from the community has been amazing, you can find a lot of resources to put in your project/game which are free, which is great, because I have pretty much a €0,- budget.

What will the game be about:
I have no clue yet, all I know is that you have magic power.

You might think that this is weird, making a game but having no clue what it is about and I would have to agree that it might be, but pretty much all my projects before which where mostly in webdevelopment I had no clue what to make until it was done.

First devlog:
Second devlog:

Third Devlog:

The game has already been updated to a point where the character has attack animations and the shield I was talking about.

Any feedback is appreciated, any help is appreciated as well.

Please remember that this is my first big project ever in the Unreal Engine.

Contact information:

The second devlog has been released.

Really cool shield effect.

Development is looking good so far, especially for the particle effects. Did you make all of the powers/shield effects in UE?

I actually used the particles from the Elemental Demo and edited them so they do what I want them to do.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

The third devlog has been released and I also gave the game a name now.

The game is called:
Subject A-119

Hope, it will be magic without weapons. But it’s only my opinion. Good luck:)

What do you mean with that? I don’t understand it.

Do you mean you don’t want there to be weapons in it?