[Game] [WIP] World of Cube

A puzzle game, move and make use of the cube to solve the puzzles.

A Short Video of Gameplay


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Greetings @Hexavx, and thank you for sharing your WIP “World of Cube” here in the Unreal Engine Forums! Watching the linked trailer, I can see your game is nicely coming together. Are you working on this project solo, or do you have a team? Also, I see that “World of Cube” is listed as a single-player game. Do you think you might add elements of multiplayer in the future? Perhaps two users can go head to head in a timed battle of sorts to see who can solve a room first! :grin:

So far, I’m solo. Multiplayer, probably in future series (World of Cube 2 or 3). Currently, the mechanic is optimized for single player.
Thanks for your interest.

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The pleasure is all mine! I like that you’re already thinking ahead in expanding your original creation; why stop at one World Of Cube when World of Cube 2 and 3 can also be a possibility. I’m looking forward to seeing how World of Cube evolves, and I want to thank you again for sharing your creation here with us all!

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The demo is available on Steam.

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Hey @Hexavx, and congrats on making it to the demo release phase of development! I will test “World of Cube” when I get the chance and leave some feedback. :sunglasses: :+1:

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Greetings @Hexavx, I was able to play your “World of Cube” demo, and It was wonderful! I didn’t have any trouble navigating the levels and enjoyed the problem-solving mechanics of the game. Kudos again on a job well done so far, and keep up the great work!

Enjoyed the short play of the demo in steam. Nice clean and simple style aesthetics.

Only problem was I got stuck in steps that closed on me, and couldn’t get out, so ended the game.


Thanks for trying the demo and the feedback.

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Do you mean the expanding stairs? I will work to fix it, thanks.

Yes the expanding stairs, that expand when the beam hits it.

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Recently, I sent an update, the changes including:

  • Sound effects.
  • Control experience. Left/right to blue/red.
  • Settings. Control, display, graphics, and sound settings.
  • Performance improvement and bugs of getting stuck by expanding stairs.
  • and more.

Sound preview: Sound Preview - YouTube


Updated the game menu, added gamepad support

Added Indonesian language.

User experience improvement, added mini arrow, adaptive press-and-hold/press-release sprinting, etc.

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