[GAME] [WIP] The Hunted - Co-op Survival Horror Game [WIP]

Take the role of some friends going camping in Canada, And find yourself being hunted by a mysterious person who is suspected to be a serial killer.

Enter a living breathing forest environment featuring sessions of up to 24 players where each one of the players have the potential to become the serial killer themselves that try to kill the other friends that have gone camping here.

Description: Uninhabited is a multiplayer open-world horror game where each player has to gather loot, craft items, hide inside buildings, While both surviving and becoming the serial killer themselves. The serial killer comes out during nighttime and will hunt each player down until they have been all killed. Only one will survive and not be turned into one. Once somebody becomes killed, the other friends will need to find a medkit, and perform first aid to revive the killed player. While the other players must survive by hiding, crafting shelters, buildings, fires, and other means to escape the harsh world of the serial killer.

The survivors must either survive until dawn, or find a car and drive out of the forest they were camping in. Which will, make the serial killer go away and cleanse the entire world of all evil.

Each player has a full human player model, they are played in the true fps perspective, and the player who turns into a serial killer is played inside the third person mode.

The serial killer is extremely strong, cannot be killed or shot, and knows how to turn invisible. He knows how to extinguish their fire sources, and knows how to make them lose their mind.

The other players are much stronger when they are together, but they can be easily found. Using guns will help you, but they’ll also help the serial killer in finding your location. He can also track your scent, and can find you within one gun shot, or any noise that you make. Players can either stay together, or split up to avoid ending up in a group which has another player as the serial killer. It is completely the player’s choice.

Will you leave the forest, or just hide from the serial killer, will you help your friends and revive them when they are dead, or just be a complete lone wolf.

To find each other more easily on the map, Players can do a video call with each other by using their in-game laptops, or phones and pinpoint their exact location through visual cues, or noises that the other players make.

When a player dies in the game, their soul gets separated from the body and they can float around the map in the shape of a red orb. He can light the way for the other survivors, find the serial killer and follow him so that the others can see where he is, or just lead the others to his body so that the other players can revive him. Ok, no more spoilers, time to wait till you guys play :slight_smile:

Select through a bunch of pre-designed characters: Pick your gender, choose between the various pre-made player models, clothes, colors and symbols that you can put on your clothing.

Key features:

Asymmetrical multiplayer

First person and 3rd person perspective.

Dynamic ToD and Weather System written from scratch

Key parts of the map are procedurally generated.

Tools and weapons randomly get spawned around the map

Huge open worlds to explore, from forests, islands, beaches, the list goes on.

In-game video calls between players

Positional voice chat,

Almost fully customizable characters - True character customization is extremely hard to pull off.

Interesting backstory, locations, and landmarks,



Nonlinear gameplay mechanics

The most terrifying hide and seek and survival experience in gaming.

Scare your mates, or get scared with your mates.

Multi-platform support(Windows, Mac, Linux)

Engine: Unreal Engine 4.

More info coming soon along with some updated screenshots :slight_smile:

-Most of the gameplay is done via blueprints i am prototyping the gameplay before i actually start the programming for the gameplay)