Game window stuck in corner when going from fullscreen to windowed mode

Packaging a game where you can change screenmode from fullscreen to windowed mode causes game window to lose title bar and be stuck in top left corner of monitor.

Windows 10 Unreal 4.13

Node setup to replicate issue, press 1 to enter fullscreen, then press 2 to enter windowed mode.

Make sure it is run as packaged game and not in editor.

Hello .

This issue was reported previously and was marked as fixed but it does seem as though it’s happening again. I’ve reopened it and you can find that report here.

As far as a workaround in the meantime, whenever this happens, you can still move the window. Alt+Tab to regain focus outside of the window and then find the program’s icon on the Windows Taskbar. Hover over it with your cursor and then the preview window will appear above it. Right-click this preview window and select “Move”. Press any arrow key and then move the mouse cursor. The window should become anchored to the mouse and allow you to move it.

Hope this helps in the meantime!

Thank you, I found a better workaround, first apply windowed fullscreen before applying windowed solves the issues for now.