[Game] Will of the Gods

Hi everyone!

I wanted to show you a project that me and our team, Comrades Inc., work on right now!


Will of the Gods is a 1v1 top-down arcade God vs God Smackdown! Guide your faithful followers to your temple, while smiting those, following the other ‘God’.

The game was first created for the 2016 Global Game Jam at Breda, the Netherlands, where it won Second Place and the People’s Choice Award. Seeming like a fun project and something we’d love to develop more. Here’s a video showing the gameplay that was done after the jam:

Right now we are reworking the art style, creating an AI and adding some new design mechanics like mutators that enhance the game and give it a new twist. We are working towards release on Steam and Greenlight(we’ve yet to put it out there).

You can expect an update from us every week, because we have a strict schedule we want to keep :slight_smile: Here are some changes to the art in the first week.

It went from this:


To a more bright, cheery one:

I’d love to hear your opinion and what you generally think :slight_smile: If you have any questions as well, feel free to ask

Here’s our website: http://www.willofthegods.com/
And twitter: https://twitter.com/willofthegods

That second images looks better and more clear than the first one good work.

the styles really cute

Those little dudes are adorable, their screams delightful :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m subscribing to this thread, the game looks like a lot of fun, nice work!

You can read about our experience during the Global Game Jam, when the game was created, on our new dev blog here: DEVBLOG !

Thank you for the interest so far and expect an update of the game soon :slight_smile: !

Its real cool game =) Nice Job =)

Hi all, sorry for the late reply, we’ve been quite busy these 2 weeks! We work mostly on Wednesday, since all of us have other projects as well, so here’s some of the progress we’ve done:


  • Mountain level fully done(might need some minor polishing
  • Start work on new Desert themed level


  • Play-testing new maps
  • Play-testing mutators
  • Working on new audio feedback


  • Mutator system is working - so far 4-5 are implemented
  • Very basic AI
  • Level selection screen

Here’s some cool photos from our new levels:

I will post gifs later as well!

Thank you for your support so far! Please visit our website: http://www.willofthegods.com/ or our twitter https://twitter.com/willofthegods to keep up with the latest news as well :slight_smile: !
If you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask!

At least something with a sense of style.

Hello everyone, here’s a video of our normal gameplay without any mutators on our **Mountain **map!

Expect a video of our **desert **map soon!

Here’s a screenshot of our Desert map that’s being worked on and one of our mutators - random lightning!

Feel free to ask questions or give feedback :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, wanted to share a bit of progress on our game!

We have been focusing a lot on feedback lately and iterating on some of the core mechanics. The game is starting to turn out very nice and we had some playtests that gave us some goods ideas on what to do!
Here are some screens from some of the changes(not all of them though!):


We have changed our deadline for releasing on Steam Greenlight on the 13th of May! So if you like what you see and would like to battle your friends for the position of ultimate gods, please support our projects :slight_smile:

Any feedback is always welcome!