[GAME] Viking the digger ( android phones )

Hello guys

Happy to announce that I finally finished ‘Viking The Digger’ for android phones.
Im not a programmer or artist , just another gamer who learned blueprints, and after that it become my hobby.
It was hard to finish the game, there was lots of stuff I didn’t know HOW TO… But with the help of this forum and some FB groups I managed to finish it.
Game is simple: you need to find the portal in random generated dungeon, and before finding it , you must kill some of the monsters ( golden skulls ) to open the portal.
In each dungeon there is a key and treasure box, that holding scrolls needed to craft maps for new dungeons to discover.
Hope you will like my creation. If not, please tell me where should I improve, comments always welcome :slight_smile:


Some screens:

Good luck :wink: