Game uses way too much RAM

I’m currently working on a 2d fighting Game and I packaged a prototype with 1 map and 2 Charakters to test it. When i try to start it, it takes all 16GB of my Ram and my Pc freezes for one or two minutes. After some time i can play it smoothly but Ram usage ist still over 10GB.
Why would it need so much Ram? All the Gamefiles are only 350MB big and the files portrayed on the screen should be less than 80MB.
Could the reason for the gigantic ram usage be, that my Texture streaming Pool is over 14000 MB. But how could the pool even be so big, when all the Gamefiles are smaller than 400 MB?

PS: I’m sorry if did any writing mistakes, english is not my first language and my autocorrect is in German.

I am currently having a similar issue. I have fixed it mostly by implementing better LOD and scaling down textures (for example most of mine were over 2000px by 2000px). For lod make sure in reduction settings (here is the link to what each setting does: Simplygon LODs | Unreal Engine Documentation ) that the Silhouette, Texture and shading settings are set accordingly to the screen size of your given mesh. Also check out the Texture Support and settings page (Texture Support and Settings | Unreal Engine Documentation) Under compressed texture memory requirements for a good reference for data usage by textures.