(Game Unpaid) Apollo Armageddon

Hello, my name is and I am looking for some help. The title of the game is Apollo Armageddon and it is a game filled with backtracking and exploration. I am a programmer but currently doing it all by myself and I am just looking for some help and maybe build a team. The game is about two characters in one. Julia was in the military and one day was ordered to go to this research lab called S.U.I.T (Systematic Unit of Integrated Technology) and is forced to put on this body armor. Little did she know that once the armor suit senses your presence it will either eat you or bond with you. Some time ago, aliens came to earth and started taking people into their ships and 150 years later the Earth is infested with zombies. Julia is ordered to go to the alien world when the next ship leaves and track and follow it to their world. When she does, she finds herself all alone and a world filled with life and technology. She finds a strange structure and ventures inside to find zombies, aliens and mutations all trying to kill her. She must discover the aliens technology that turns humans into zombies and destroy it before the aliens make their next shipment to earth.
The game has two fighting mechanics to it and you can choose either one or both styles. You can just use a gun to shoot your enemies from afar or you can do close combat with your sword and kill them that way. You can also fight with both but it’s up to the player how they want to play the game. The guns can level up and the swords can level up. They both have a maximum level of 10. You can find different guns and swords in the game and each time you level that gun or sword up, it will get more powerful. This game takes a lot from the castlevania and metroid games and along with some other game elements. The suit you wear, you can jump out at anytime and have the suit fight with you but you lose health while out of the suit. If you sustain damage outside the suit then once you get back into the suit, it will heal you.
The game has been in development for about 4 years and 3 engines were used until I finally met Unreal Engine 4. The story has been in development for 8 years and it is quite a long storyline so I didn’t want to bore you all by posting it all here.
If you would like to know more about the game or would like to help, please contact me at: . That is the best place to reach me and hope to finding help or to build a team to get this done!

Thank you,

I think you have a few nice ideas here.
Like beeing able to leave your suit and have a (K.I. controlled?) combat partner.

Not so sure about Zombies though, unless you mean that the humans are remote controlled by mechanical implants (e.g. like Borg).

One thing that i cannot find anywhere in your description is, what gamestyle you’re aiming for: 2D, 2.5D or 3D Third/First-Person.

So rather a Metroid 1,2,3,Fusion or a Prime 1-3 & Hunters or even Other M style?
Rather a Symphony of the Night or Lords of Shadows?
Rather 2D Sprites or Trine 2.5D style?

Since you allready work on it several years, i’m sure you have something like a prototype to show off.