[Game] Ultimate defence - td (alpha)

Ultimate Defence
This is my first game which I have been working on from early Aug 2017
I have finally managed to build a demo of my game!
Download : Game Jolt - Games for the love of it

Want to experience new kind of tower defence genre? Ultimate defence is TD game with the elements of FPS game! Now you can decide if you want to shoot some enemy machines or bomb them from the air! In Ultimate defence you can control Airship and shoot some bombs or call in your hero and control it to send your enemies to hell.
Currently, the game is under development.
There is 3 level in 2 different lighting moods, day and night! (6 Stages)
3 Tower types - Machine Gun, Laser, Missile
3 Perks - Call your Hero! , Orbital Strike, Helicopter support.
35+ enemy type with 5 personalities (Healer, leecher, Shielder, Support, Scout)
(Certain enemies can only be killed by certain kind of towers so plan your defences accordingly!)
You can upgrade your towers 3 Basic upgrades and currently 2 specialized towers in each category!

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Looks good. Going to check it out.