[GAME] Turn-Based Rogue-like From Free Assets

Hello community!

Made a small prototype from the Skelleton Pack available for free. **Kudos to Epic! **

**4 Days of Blueprinting progress: **


**Update v0.2.1 **

[UE4] Turn Based Game Prototype - New Enemies! - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt3a8TrXwLg)

With new enemies comes balancing challenge.

New Enemies:
– Mage (+ Adept Mage)
– Ravager ( + Strong Ravager)

  • Mana & Skill costs
  • Healing Skill

**Plans: **

  • Add Tavern (to hire team members)
  • Add Shop, to buy items
  • Add Shrine to Get Skills
  • Add Treasure node
  • add Buffs / Regeneration / Passive Skills

Leave a comment / feedback.

I have to admit that I really like how movement works. Not sure whether it is simple vector interpolation or some else but looks really fancy. They look like they were shot from slingshot.
Well done!

Yes, basic interpolation and telling anim blueprint to play running state. Must be the animations themselves that are good, whoever made that pack was good at his craft.

Check out a newest update and leave a feedback (no matter how small).