[Game] Turf Wars

Turf War is getting closer and closer to the release which hopefully will be within a few months.

Turf Wars by Red Line Games is a 2-4 local player top down shooter.
Each player take on the roll of a ganster in different play modes like Get the Money where you need to be the one with the money bag.


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Turf Wars

If you happen to be Swedish you can see Red Line Games live tomorrow at 07:45 on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon talking about their project Turf Wars​​​​​​​.

We are close to releasing a demo for Turf Wars.
If you want to play the demo before everyone else join our mailing list at


The demo of Turf Wars is available for download.

Their steam page just went live and soon you will be able to play the full game.

It is now possible to win a free steam key for Turf Wars on their Facebook page.