Game Trailers

I have a question for future reference:

How do you film a game trailer/promotional video within UE4?


You can do that with matinee -> :slight_smile:

Thank you. Do you have or know about any links to tutorials on how to set up/film a trailer though?

There are no tutorials about trailers around, but that’s how it works (rough steps):

  1. create a scene for your trailer
  2. setup the matinee track → camera movement, camera effects, animated skeletal meshes,…
  3. now you will have to record it with matinee -> How do I record a movie using Matinee? - UE4 AnswerHub
  4. either add the sound in your video program or record it with an external program like audiacity,…
  5. now you can add special effects in your video program
  6. after that you will have to render the video

thank you :smiley: