Game Trailer/Playable Demo

While it’s always nice for positive things to be added to threads, I’m not sure your tone is helping attract those kind of things.

@jamendxman3 – You have a valid point, but why does this guy have to listen to trolls giving him a hard time… I mean, its childish. They do not know who he is… nor how much cash he has. Like he said above, if you have the skills contact him… that should be the end of it. He didn’t ask for advice on a game design document nor opinions from others… he asked for talented people to do certain paid activities…


Sorry you have to put up with this ****… Most of the community is very cool and are an encouragement. Looking forward to seeing what becomes of your product!


In my opinion, these trolls are asking valid questions, and stating very valid statements, and the OP is replying in a toxic and unprofessional manner. He has no one to blame if this thread is going downhill.

I disagree with your opinion, but that’s OK. I saw few actual questions, rather, stuff like…Why are you making a trailer. Or, that is not a GDC. And, if you re-read their remarks, does it really reflect well on our community?

Hi are you still looking for a level designer if so I am interested

Yes I am looking for another level designer. I am still in need of a cave level with some glowing moss or mushrooms or something, and both a Castle in Ruins and the same Castle new. Additionally I need a small medieval town in the sand box portion of the demo. Reach out to me on Skype at olddeadone45 and we can discuss your skills.

email me at with the details

I want to thank all of the team members that have work so hard to get us to this point. We have accomplished a lot in 5 months. We still have plenty to do but I am confident we will get there. Here is the pre-alpha test level 404页面 Feel free to give it a try and send us your feedback. You can see more at Thanks.

Also if you have experience with Ikinema I would love to talk to you. I can be reached on Skype at olddeadone45

Test fight of the first boss.

Looks neat. Are you still having open paid positions for animators ?

Do you have any experience with Ikinema?

Not really. Sorry.

Do you use their UE4 product?

Yes of course.