[GAME] Top Down Space Shooter (Currently Untitled)

Hi all,

The other day I started working on a Prototype for a Top Down Space shooter, and Today I started Making a Dev Log for when I make notable progress (for me).

I am using this mostly to better learn BP, as I am by no means a Programmer, however IF all goes well I would want to actually release it on Steam, and Android.

Currently I am the sole developer, and I have not spent that much time on the art, but I did take some time today to fill in the BG a bit for this video so it was more interesting to look at. Right now the Enemy Ships are either Primitives Generated in BP, or the Blue UFO from the Flight Demo.

All the BP code is from scratch aside from one string I grabbed from the last time I tried to sit down and learn BP.

Hopefully it’s not too long and boring, I could not really talk over the game audio all that well, so I spent most of the time talking with the game off.

I hope you guys and gals will enjoy it for what it is at the moment.


This is a pretty nice start. Keep up the good work.

Thanks! Much Appreciated!