Game to make Game

Hey guys,

Wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction, and let me know if what I’m thinking is something that can actually work, or… not.

I know UE4 is an engine already, so distributing the engine to all the other team members and having them work on different individual areas of the game then combining it all together is what you would normally consider to create all of the content for an entire game.

How do people work on things remotely with large data, and multiple files, and different timelines and arrgh…

Can I make a game, which makes a game… i.e. somehow distribute a final working game, that when you open the game, it pops up the menu, you pick the tile you’ve been assigned to work on, you have assets and such all immediately available as if you’re in the UE4 engine, but you’re actually in the game… you wander around and place and paint and work in the game the same way you’d work in the engine, but at the end of the job you hit save, and that work is appended somehow to a larger place? …

I dunno. Someone tell me how this works. :slight_smile:

we use source control, assign types of assets to members (one works on trees another on rocks another on misc)

This is a long sought after feature, and there are level design collaboration tools in the making…
But getting something working today that’s not just a toy is a big ask as overall complexity is high.
Unreal is a framework along with many complex editors, so embedding these into a game isn’t trivial.

Plus there’s more to it. If you let people work this way it will be difficult to have a cohesive vision.
It may be fun, it may be especially useful as a teaching tool etc, but it may not produce great art.

So instead most projects find boundary lines by splitting work up into different areas of speciality.
Game Designer / Blueprinter - Advanced coder - Artist / Modeler / Animator type division of labor.
Then when a piece of art or code isn’t ready, you work around it using temporary props until it is.

In the future we may see NMS like procedural-tools offer this kind of flexibility too but not just yet.