[GAME] TheBigSokoBang game released for Android ! Please feel free to comment

Our small team will be very thankful if you take a look at the game and comment (https://play.google.com/store/apps/d…tudio.sokobang).

The main idea of the game is that each level is a puzzle in which the player must control a team of two or three characters. The characters must arrange boxes only using push turns. The game is based on the classic Sokoban, but the multiple characters who must work together and cooperate for solving levels is new. There are also many new elements like barriers, doors, switches available in advanced difficulty levels. All levels are arranged in increasing difficulty on map.
Each level is unique and was designed using specially developed software tools and algorithms and additional manual work for fine adjustment.

The game play giving the idea can be seen at The Big SokoBang Game - YouTube

The game can be installed from Google Play shop at https://play.google.com/store/apps/d…tudio.sokobang

Faithfully yours,
Peter Koniarov

PS: The game supports alternative level path parallel to the main one (in contrast to most games like Candy Crash).
Also there are additional bonus levels on the main path.
The game Supports solutions and Hints (next best turn/step) based on short solution search algorithm (not on saved level sequence as most turn games).