[GAME] The Outsiders Open Beta - You control the Big Bad Monster

Hey guys!

I’m Harry from Daisu Games, a studio from Brazil, and we have launched the Beta of our game, The Outsiders.

The game is a simple top-down shooter (we’re trying to keep the game small and fun) where you control the Big Alien defending your planet against human invasion. So the focus of it is non-stop action, simple mechanics and gore.

The twist is that you are the big guy on screen, NOTHING is bigger than you.

We are on 50% OFF beta now, lots of fixes to do but we intend to launch on Steam in a while. Those who purchase the beta now are guaranteed Full Release on Steam when it ships as well as all future updates.

We’d love to have your feedback on the game! The good and the bad. We know we can improve a lot on it still, it’s our first shipped game under the Daisu brand (We have shipped games before under a diff brand).

Here’s the itch.io page: The Outsiders - Open Beta by Daisu Games

Here’s a video the youtuber JoyfulDeath made on it, so you can have a quick look. Leave a like if you can! We’re trying to help her grow her channel

That’s it! Thanks a bunch!

  • Daisu Team -