[GAME] The COMA [STEAm RELISE] - Horror Runner video game-


Coma is an extremely serious condition associated with loss of consciousness and inviting death.
You will find incredibly atmospheric depths of the subconsciousness of the main character who slipped into coma.
Use dexterity and acrobatics to save your life.
Run the gauntlet of all-consuming darkness with its puzzles and obstacles.
You will never know what awaits you on the other side of the door.
Death or life.
The further you run, the more difficult it is to get out.
You will find unique world of the subconscious behind each door.
Stunning graphics and the atmosphere of light and shade will gratify you.
The line between life and death will add adrenaline to the gameplay.
You will feel hardcore.
Always run.
Find salvation.

A new kind of runner with full character control in a 3D space with a 360-degree view.
13 unique levels.
Complexity grows with each level.
Stunning graphics and game atmosphere.

Game play