Game Testing

Hi, I am creating a small game. I want to test a lot of things in it. If finished a gameplay of 5 mins so far. But for each and every time if I want to test or troubleshoot, I am happening to play the full 5 mins. There should be a way to simplify this, but I am new to Unreal Engine, so not sure what is the process. Someone please guide me, to save time.


Create test maps for specific elements of your game, e.g., my AI test map has nothing more than a couch, a boarded door, and a crowbar, yet it is adequate for testing most features.

Do you mean a separate level just for testing, and putting the things that I wanted to test, like blueprints, meshes, etc?

Is there any separate workflow for that, like any Test class should be used, something of that sort? Or I can create any level?

@sk916 Yes, create ordinary levels for whatever you need to test. I gave you a basic example of what you may want to include in them. I can’t guarantee you that this will be effective for testing your game though; I’m only sharing how I do it.

Yes! You need to validate your code works in the general as well as specific. Trying different use-cases can also highlight holes in one’s logic.