Game Tester

Hi my name is Mustaque,

I’m looking to offer my skills as a game tester I’m going to be completely honest I don’t have any real experience as a game tester other then playing an unhealthy amount of games everyday. So I am looking to build my resume because I would love to get into this the game testing industry. I love playing all sorts of games so genre really isn’t a problem. I’m looking to help smaller teams who might need a fresh pair of eyes that mind need some help but anyone is welcome. Also it would be nice to get a little payment but to be honest I’m not asking for much but we can discuss more privately.

Also I thought you might as well know my PC specs (if that helps):

AMD FX6100
8GB of RAM
Nvidia GTX 660

All the best and I hope I hear from you soon,

Just want to let you know in case you hadn’t looked into things–game testers are the bottom of the rung in the games industry, it pays very poorly. If you’re interested in getting into game development you might want to look into some of the actual development areas, like programming or art.