Game Suggestions

I am not sure if this is the correct section of the forum to post this in, if not, please let me know and redirect me to the correct section of the forum…

I have been thinking about game ideas but I am struggling to think of an original game idea so I thought, why not ask everybody what games they are in to and would like to play? I would like to hear your game ideas so I can make a game that you are going to enjoy playing. I want my game idea to be original and something that hasn’t been created before.

I would prefer to make a multiplayer game because they are a lot more fun when you get the chance to play with your friends.

Thank You!

Nothing wrong with making a game which is not original. I think the trick is to add elements to an existing game idea which makes the game more fun.

You can make a First Person Shooter, which in itself is not original. But by using certain game play elements you can differentiate yourself from other FPS games. For example: instead of multiplayer with 2 teams, why not 3 teams?

So my advice: Look at existing games and start thinking about how you can take that game play and make it more exiting!

A First Person Shooter which different game play elements sounds like an idea that I will definitely take into consideration.

Impossible to come up with something original. Sadly some genres are oversaturated, looking at you zombie survival games. And if you were to go for such a game, your game would be drowned amongst others, regardless of its quality, but lets face it, there still isnt a decent zombie game out there. Project zomboid is the best and nothing comes close to it, however due to its graphics and being isometric, it gets overlooked, people prefer to play first person.
Im working on a game that is a mixture of few but its set in a world that has never really been used in games. I have some ideas which arent really seen in games all that often. So im hoping people will overlook similarities to other games.