Game-style blueprints

I get nauseous just looking at the blueprint system unfortunately, I can’t really understand it that well, but I need to hire someone that can make good use of it.

What I am looking for, is a gameplay system that is similar to STALKER and Escape From Tarkov in terms of gunplay and overall style, and is easy to set up.
This means:

  1. Inventory system that takes item weight into account
  2. Realistic weapons with a blueprint that is easy for me to add new, real-world weapons to without too much hassle.
  3. Designed for singleplayer OR LAN with bots
  4. Sound is important to me. If you know of my mod “Radium” (TBD) for Stalker: Call of Pripyat then you know that I think sound is important. For you this would mean coming up with a blueprint for weapon and Foley sounds that I can use
  5. Make use of “Advanced Locomotion System” as the base for character movement
  6. Provide an example map where I can use everything together.
  7. Don’t post the results on the Marketplace, as I feel the Marketplace is making it so a lot of people are going to end up with the same game and I want something unique, so the content would be only for me to use.

I’m probably not being specific enough so if there are any questions please ask.

In terms of funding, I would not be able to as of today immediately give you money, I would want to discuss things further, get a good idea for what price range you feel is appropriate for your work, get your consent for commercial usage, and off we go. Speaking of commercial usage, I would offer a percentage of games sales in addition to the main fee in order to hopefully bring the initial fee down.

In terms of point #3, AI of some sort is important, even if it is simplistic. Those with knowledge of how STALKER modding works will have an edge.

Hello, Is that still available?