Game Story and Website Design

Hi! i´m wondering if i could help someone with their Game story and/or their web design?

I dont take any money, I do it for free. <3

Hi, I would like you to create a website for me. contact -

Hey :slight_smile:
We are a team building a MMORPG with AAA graphics.
If you wanna join us and need more info e-mail me at: or

Hey I’m trying to become a game designer but I don’t know where to start. I have some skills in c++ and some art skills as well. I was trying to create my own open world futuristic rpg game by myself but didnt get that far because it’s just to hard. I’m a college student as well. My idea for a game was similar to a borderlands type game but has elements Gundam, Destiny and Warframe. I would love to see if I can join you. Message me if you would like to.