Game Store - Developer Link ?

Hi All

Is the newly announced Game Store part of marketplace ?

I am looking for a developer link to submit a new game to the store,
I am not finding one at the moment so either it is not available to general release as yet or it could be hidden away inside the Marketplace developers page.
Could anyone confirm whether you can submit a game within marketplace dev page ?

Paul G

You can submit your game here:

The Marketplace and Epic Games store do not share a submission process.



That’s actually a link to, that ultimately redirects to Epic.
But ends up failing because there’s user specific token info in there…
This link is stripped of all that and so looks like it will get users there.

Any chance you’re using Chrome??? Google like to obfuscate URLs…
Sweeney’s words here are sobering. Lets not feed the data monster… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the link guys, great help

Paul G

Thanks, Frank. I purged the excess from the URL.