Game Stats Kit

Just submitted my latest pack: Game Stats Kit

Let the players of your game analyze their gameplay performance and let them learn from their mistakes on their own!


Track data for a dynamic number of keys (variables), entities (players, characters, …) and categories and display them visually. Whenever an event you want to track occurs, send the data to the GameStatsTracker actor, create a GameStats widget and the Game Stats Kit will do the rest for you.

All tracked data of a key is drawn on a graph. Data binning can be used to convert large amounts of data into nicely readable graphs.
Data can be tracked for different entities. These can be different players in multiplayer games, different characters of a player in singleplayer games or a combination of both.

Supports 4 different ways of tracking:
• Per time frame: Track the rate of a value e.g. resource collection rate
• At time: Track a value at the time since begin e.g. resources, health
• At time cumulative: Track a value at the time since begin after adding it to the previous one e.g. total resources collected, kills, score
• Custom: Freely choose both, the x and y value. Especially useful in turn-/round-based games e.g. damage per round

Combine all tracked data of a key into a single value either by using
• area under curve,
• maximum value,
• average value or
• end value.
Choose the factor this value contributes to the combined value of the key’s category in the summary.

Technical Details

• Number of Blueprints: 11
• Includes opening animation and animation progress bar filling
• Data binning with uniform bin size
• Data on a graph can be drawn as points, connected points or bars.
• Intended Platform: PC
• Platforms tested: Windows PC

User Guide

Game Stats Kit has just been approved and I will hopefully get a release date soon.